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A Company at the cutting edge of material science, resource efficiency and machine learning. Material innovation & optimisation of properties to your specific application in a Fraction of the time

Machine Learning Material Science Resource Utilisation

Our Vision



Seamless integration of material science and material optimisation using  machine learning

We have access  to world class  scientist, Design Engineer  and  professors

The material can be used for variety of potential  applications such as:

Bio-Infrastructures, compost-able packaging,  beautiful furniture products

Bi-Organic B100 & S100

We want to  challenge the future of how we make materials and use materials.  At Materialize.X developed “BI-ORGANIC” a new organic binding agent. We take low grade, low value biomass from various refineries such as: left over biomass in biofuels farms ” and turn it into high value products such as Furniture, Packaging or even Bio-Infrastructure (tents or even roads). We have discovered a formula that is not only bio-degradable and made from waste products, but also scalable due to the abundance of the raw material and the cheap binding formula used in the process. We can apply this material to applications never thought possible. Currently in the process of optimisation of the materials using machine learning to specific applications. This will reduce development time substantially. This allows us to provide finished products much more cost effective and accelerate the delivery of the technology.

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